Senti8 at World Science Fair

This past weekend, Senti8, brought smells and smiles to whizz-kids and other science boffs at the annual World Science Festival held in New York City. This annual festival aims to inspire a sense of wonder and make the world of science accessible to the general public. They claim “to make the esoteric understandable and the familiar fascinating.”
Following our winning entry in the regional NASA International Space Apps Challenge (and our placement as Global Finalists) we were asked to join NASA as part of the street fair.  Our Scentbands were on display and we had the opportunity to educate and start a dialogue around the need for scent in space. Our sense of smell not only brings back memories, but can help us taste food and is extremely important in safety.
We brought along replica wristbands and a selection of scents that the visitors could choose from. The wristband would then be sprayed with the scent and the visitor would be able to take the smell of ‘wet garden’ or ‘fresh laundry’ with them for the day, just as an astronaut would in space. This was a great hit with children and parents alike. Towards the end of the day we did not see a wrist that was not proudly brandishing the Senti8 Scentband.

IMG_5443   IMG_5440   IMG_5441

Thank you NASA and World Science Festival for the great chance to share our work with the world.
We hope to be back next year.
Some photos of the event:
photo (2)

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