Introducing Senti8

Greetings fellow land dwellers. We’re really excited to be part of SpaceApps NYC.

Before we started, a few of us had a chance to speak with astronaut, Doug Wheelock.  We asked him what he missed most when he was in space. To our surprise, he said that the thing he misses the most is his sense of smell.

Armed with that thought, we decided to create a piece of wearable technology that would allow people in space to experience the smells they miss.

The project originally was envisioned to be a wearable technology for space tourism. So, the idea was that people would wear a wristband that would light up the logo of famous planets, stars, and asteroids once visited.

After our conversation with Doug, the project morphed into a wristband that would allow people to remember places/planets visited, or memories unique to those places through scent..

Of course, this technology has applications to both space and Earth. For example, if you moved away from the place you grew up, wouldn’t you want to experience scents that reminded you of your childhood? Or, what if scents could help with mental or emotional issues? Smell is the next frontier.